Fundamentals - Snapshot

Revenue & Earnings

Revenue (FY) $869.77
EBIT (Mil) (FY) $-92.43
EBIT (Mil) (MRQ) $1.34
EBIT (Mil) (TTM) $-43.79
EBITDA (Mil) (FY) $-55.24
EBITDA (Mil) (MRQ) $8.15
EBITDA (Mil) (TTM) $-13.09
Net Income Excluding Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) $-302.02
Net Income Including Extraordinary Items (Mil) (FY) $-301.01
Diluted EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items (FY) $-3.01
Diluted EPS Including Extraordinary Items (FY) $-3.00


Price to Revenue (TTM) $0.79
Price to Revenue (MRQ) $0.93
Price to Revenue (FY) $0.61
Price To Cash Flow (TTM) --
Price to Cash Flow (MRQ) --
Price to Cash Flow (FY) --
Price to Book (MRQ) --
Price to Book (FY) --
Total Debt to Equity (MRQ) (%) --%
Total Debt to Equity (FY) (%) --%
Current Ratio (MRQ) $1.61
Current Ratio (FY) $1.63


5-Year Annual Dividend Growth Rate (%) --%
5-Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate (%) -31.32%

FY = Fiscal Year. MRQ = Most Recent Quarter. mil = Millions. TTM = Trailing Twelve Months.

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